Criteria for accepting samples

TissuPath accreditation requirements for specimen labelling and request form details

As part of our commitment to quality, TissuPath seeks your assistance in ensuring compliance with NPAAC 2018 – Requirements for Medical Pathology Services and AS ISO 15189-2013 Medical Laboratories – Requirements for Quality and Competence for specimen and request form labelling.

TissuPath can only accept request forms with a minimum of three patient identifiers. Three patient identifiers are preferable for patient specimens, however two can be accepted when three cannot be accommodated. Specimens which are not labelled with two identifiers are considered to be inadequately labelled, in such cases the specimen processing will be halted until the specimen can be adequately identified.

Compliance with these standards ensures TissuPath’s continual accreditation for NATA purposes.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the double-lock door for online security that lets you log into your account that has sensitive data of your patients only after passing through two sets of verification processes.

MFA adds an extra layer of security by prompting a second method of authentication alongside the traditional method of signing in with your username and password. This ensures that each login is secure because access will not be granted without your consent.

By asking for an extra verification factor, MFA enhances the security posture of your organization and greatly reduce the odds of data leakages of patient data.

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